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How to make a simulated plant wall
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1、 A relatively simple way is to use the pure Milan grass 25 * 625px simulation turf. First, you should determine your own wall area. However, zaizi will make a puzzle according to the size of the Milan grass. Each turf can be spliced; After splicing, make a wire mesh on the wall, and then hang the Milan turf to fix it.

2、 Another more complicated method of simulating green plant wall is composed of mixed plant wall accessories. The main materials are simulated moss, plant wall accessories, plants and sponges. Then, the plant wall accessories are inserted on the sponges, and their favorite plant wall style is spliced. Also, when the plant wall accessories are inserted, the sponges are covered with moss, Remember to stick some glue when inserting the plant wall accessories. After the plant wall accessories are inserted, they can be fixed on the wall in order. This kind of installation is to make a wooden wall, because it needs to use an electric drill to enter the wooden wall through a sponge to fix. The above introductions on "what are the advantages of simulated plant wall" and "how to make a simulated plant wall" hope to help you understand "the performance characteristics and manufacturing methods of simulated plant wall".