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What is the composition of simulated tree material and its ecological effect
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There are many kinds of simulation trees, and the production size is also customized according to the requirements of customers. It can be designed according to the size and size of customers, so that it can integrate the surrounding scenery and express the specific main content, making a great contribution to our environmental protection cause and improving the overall beauty. Let's have a detailed understanding of "what the simulation tree material is composed of and how its ecological effect is".

[manufacturing materials of simulation tree]

It is believed that many people around us have seen the simulation tree, which is a kind of artificial tree. Such lifelike trees can achieve the effect of confusing the real with the false, and it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false. So, have you ever thought about what materials are used for this kind of simulation tree?

The material of the simulation tree can be roughly divided into silk cloth leaves, hand felt rubber leaves, stainless steel, cold proof plastic, resin, cement, etc.

1. Silk cloth leaves: the imitation tree made of silk cloth leaves is nothing more than bamboo. Bamboo leaves made of silk cloth can not only keep the bright color of bamboo, but also show the soft beauty of bamboo. The breeze really has a lifelike effect.

2. Plastic: the leaves of the simulated tree can be made into a wide and shaped shape with plastic materials, showing that the veins of the leaves are concave and convex. The gummed leaves feel like meat.

3. Stainless steel: the main pole of this kind of simulated tree is steel pipe, and the branch is steel pipe or steel bar. This kind of material has the characteristics of high hardness, anti-aging and waterproof.

4. Resin: the simulation tree made of resin has the advantages of high reducibility, strong plasticity and good stability.

5. Cement: the cement-based simulation tree has many advantages, such as vivid color texture, high simulation degree, not easy to decay, not easy to burn, not easy to deform, close to the texture and affinity of real wood, and strong and durable. Due to the large amount of work, the cost of this kind of simulation tree is also high.  

The characteristics of different shapes, realistic shapes, not affected by the natural environment and regions, and convenient care make the market of simulation trees more and more large, which is deeply loved by people. The appearance of simulation trees decorates people's life with a different landscape. After knowing everything, I really think that the engineer is too powerful. These materials can be used to create lifelike simulation trees.