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Simple maintenance

Simple maintenance, time-saving and labor-saving, simulated plants are like spring all year round, no need to worry about withering and falling, easy to clean, saving time and energy for daily management.


Suitable for a variety of scenarios


Most of the artificial flowers are used for soft decoration design of home, wedding, shopping malls, companies, hotels and restaurants, etc., not only to beautify the space, but also to make the overall space style more distinctive. Sometimes it is used with artificial plants to make the site more beautiful.


Strong plasticity, the material for making artificial flowers is elastic, and can be combined with models of different heights and shapes to create different atmospheres.

Strong plasticity


The price is affordable, the price of most artificial flowers is not high, generally cheaper than the price of real flowers, and the transportation is convenient and easy to carry.



Selection of imported PE raw materials for production, with no odor, environmental protection, durability and other characteristics, deeply loved and affirmed by domestic and foreign customers.

Strict selection of raw materials


The simulated plants are designed and imitated according to natural plant samples, with clear leaf texture, vivid image and lifelikeness, which can be comparable to planted flowers and plants.

Realistic shape

Product advantages